Creating a Parenting Word of the Year

About 6 years ago, I replaced my New Year’s Resolutions with a Word of the Year. To be honest, I had given up long before that on the resolutions. They seemed too all-or-nothing to me. I either succeeded or I failed. Resolutions did not anchor me or motivate me, mostly they shamed and frustrated me.

When I heard about the word of the year, I instantly loved it. One word to anchor me to my intentions throughout the year… Yes!

Now, how to choose my word? I was googling and thinking and overthinking, but what ended up happening is that my word chose me.

My first word of the year was shine. Not too heavy, fun, maybe I’d remember it. Surprisingly enough, the word did stay with me throughout the year and it would come to the front of my mind at exactly the right moments to inspire, ground and push me forward.

So, I continued the habit of choosing a word of the year. This year I was so excited to choose two words. Not only did I choose my personal word of the year, believe, but my boyfriend and I chose a relationship word of the year, flourish.

Which gave me an idea for you…

You might already be choosing a personal word of the year. I’m inviting you this year to try something different.

Choose a parenting word of the year, too!

A  parenting word of the year will guide, support and ground you in being the parent you most want to be.


How to Choose your Parenting Word of the Year


Choose 3-5 words.

If you need some help, click here for a list of Danielle LaPorte’s Core Desired Feelings.

If this is solely your word, sit in a quiet space and feel into the words you selected. Focus on a word that embodies the parent you most desire to be, the energy you want to bring to your parenting this year or maybe it’s a word that will help you with the challenges you are having. See if any other words come up for you and then choose your one word.

If this is a word you will share with your partner, talk and together choose your parenting word of the year. This can be a great way to stay connected.

Yay! You’ve got your word.

The next step is creating habits and reminders that connect you to your word of the year and will help you to bring it forward during challenging moments.

5 Ways to Stay Connected to your Parenting Word of the Year


  1. Write your word at the top of your daily journal.
  2. Write your word on a sticky note, put it on your bathroom mirror and read it when you get out of the shower. (Low tech, but it’s one of the things I find helps me.)
  3. Use (an easy, free design website) to create a poster of your word and post it.
  4. Create a Pinterest board for your word.
  5. Have your word printed on a bracelet. One of my words, I had personally inscribed on a bracelet by Jenn at Jellyfish Tide and the other is from Mantra Band.  I love wearing them!

Your turn! I’d love to hear your parenting word of the year and see the ways you create habits to stay connected to it. Post below or on my Facebook page.

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  1. This is a great tool that I also use with my clients. One fun way to keep the parenting word of the year top fresh is to tuck it away into places which will remind and delight parents, like in a suitcase to be discovered again when packing for a business trip or in a favorite cookbook.

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