One Thing About Children’s Behavior

The One Thing About Children's Behavior

If I could only tell you one thing, it would be this: Our children are not broken. 

They are not a problem to be solved, but a mystery unfolding; beauty emerging.

All of these words…

Anxious, impulsive, strong-willed, highly sensitive, gifted, neurodiverse, Sensory Processing Disorder, differently wired, indigo children, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and so many more;

All of these words to describe children.  

These words have a purpose. They help us gain a greater sense of understanding about our kids and open the door to more support.

We need to ensure these words don’t become badges of shame or limitation that our kids wear everyday.  

What if it’s possible that there is nothing wrong with our kids?

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