6 Things Confident Kids Do Differently

Confidence is the ability to love and have faith in yourself independent of what is going on around you. If we can guide children to be secure in themselves, no matter how different or unpopular they feel. If we can teach them the skills to stand firm in who they are, to show up and be seen as their awesome selves. Then we are creating a foundation that they can build on to grow into confident adults.

As a parent guide and therapist, I have helped many families and what I’ve come to find is that parents want to ensure that they are raising happy and confident children. They worry their child doesn’t feel good about themselves. They worry their child is overly perfectionistic or quits easily. They worry about peer pressure and that their child goes along with the crowd. At the end of most of my first meetings with families, a parent will inevitably ask, “How can I help my child have higher self-esteem and be more confident?”

So, here are 6 things that confident kids do differently…

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