The Emotion Guide Journey Map (Part One)

The Emotion Guide™ Collective will be open for enrollment from Monday, August 6th- Thursday, August 9th.

We exist to nurture those entrusted with tending to children’s emotions on their journey to become confident emotion guides. Together, we create a world where children grow up loving themselves.  

What is the Emotion Guide™ Journey and why is it important?

The Emotion Guide™ Journey is the path we take to guide children through their emotions.

If you’re a parent, you may use the path when your child is experiencing bedtime resistance or school anxiety. As they get older you may access the path again for setting healthy limits with technology.

If you’re a professional, you may use the path continuously for different challenges depending on the situation of your student or client.

The goal of this map is to help you:

  • Avoid overwhelm so you spend your precious energy and time on the things that truly make a difference.
  • See your progress through the touchpoints provided so you don’t get stuck in what’s not working.
  • Know where to focus your energy so you don’t exhaust your resources and you do what actually works.

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The Emotion Guide Journey Map (Part Two)

Let’s talk about the six stages of the Emotion Guide Journey. If you haven’t read about what this is and why it’s important for you and the kids in your life, click here to read part one.

Emotion Guide Journey Map


Build Your Base


You’ll know you’re in this stage if:

  • You’re thinking, “I’ve done everything I can think of and nothing is working. What do I do now?”
  • It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and worried about your growing person.
  • It feels like being stuck in a rut where you keep doing the same things you’ve always done because, who knows, maybe if you do it again then it will work.
  • You might worry that learning a new way will take too much time and energy, but you know that you want your kids to be connected, happy, and resilient.
  • You feel like you don’t fully understand the root of what’s going on or how to help.
  • You’re actively looking for information about your situation or child.

Does this sound familiar?

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3 Tips For Tending To Children’s Big Emotions

Tend to Children's Big Emotions

In the past hour, Jacob must’ve texted his mom, Andrea, fifty times and called her three. All she wanted was to have dinner with her friends without the constant interruptions.

Besides, he was supposed to be in bed asleep. She knows he has trouble falling asleep without her laying down with him first, but she hoped this time would be different.

It wasn’t.

Andrea can’t figure out when to push Jacob to deal with his anxiety and when she should just let it go. She feels helpless and at the mercy of his emotions. She is out of ideas and nothing she does works long-term.

Does this sound like your client, child, or student?

What does Jacob need?

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