The Emotion Guide Journey Map (Part One)

We exist to nurture those entrusted with tending to children’s emotions on their journey to become confident emotion guides. Together, we create a world where children grow up loving themselves.  

What is the Emotion Guide™ Journey and why is it important?

The Emotion Guide™ Journey is the path we take to guide children through their emotions.

If you’re a parent, you may use the path when your child is experiencing bedtime resistance or school anxiety. As they get older you may access the path again for setting healthy limits with technology.

If you’re a professional, you may use the path continuously for different challenges depending on the situation of your student or client.

The goal of this map is to help you:

  • Avoid overwhelm so you spend your precious energy and time on the things that truly make a difference.
  • See your progress through the touchpoints provided so you don’t get stuck in what’s not working.
  • Know where to focus your energy so you don’t exhaust your resources and you do what actually works.

Just like emotions are not linear, this path isn’t either. I’m sure you’re as tired as I am of seeing things like, “3 Easy Steps to Stop Your Child’s Meltdowns Forever.” What a bunch of baloney!

The Emotion Guide™ Journey identifies the progression of guiding children through emotions into six key stages:

  • Build Your Base
  • Create Your Emotional Language
  • Tend to Your Emotions
  • Tend to Children’s Emotions
  • Teach New Skills
  • Ground New Habits  

The Emotion Guide™ Journey is a spiral-shaped process. You access the path when and where you need it as challenges arise with your children, students or clients — like a choose your own adventure story.

Best of all, each stage has its own set of characteristics that help you determine where you are on the path so you can get the tools you need next to help you and your growing person.


Emotion Guide Journey Map


Let’s dive in…

Choose a current challenge you’re experiencing with your child, student, or client.

Got one? Good. Now let’s discover which stage you are in.

Head on over to this page where I walk you through how this works. 


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