The Calming Compass

calming compass program

The Calming Compass Program is closed to enrollment at this time.

If you’ve read books, watched a show or gotten advice, but never really implemented it, then this program is about making sure that you can do that so your family really creates the positive changes that you desire.

There are many things you can do (and some things that you may not even be aware are best not to do) that contribute to your child building healthy emotional skills.

You will no longer need to feel confused about what to teach your child so they can learn to self-soothe from anxiety, sadness or anger.

In the Calming Compass, you will learn many brain-based strategies for calming emotions and specifically how to teach them to your child.

You will learn how to go from anxious avoidance, power struggles and shutting down to communication that helps you and your child stay connected during challenging moments.

You will discover centering techniques that keep you calm and powerful in any situation from the mall meltdown to the bedtime battle.

The Calming Compass is a 7-week program that teaches you exactly what you can do and say to guide your child through challenging and overwhelming emotions. It also includes exercises and activities you can do with your child to grow their emotional skills.


Each week we focus on one of the following topics…

  1. Become aware of and tend to your triggers
  2. The How of Communication: Speak Your Child’s Language
  3. Create Your Child’s Calm Down Toolkit
  4. Quiet the Inner Critic
  5. Engage the Heart of Self-Compassion
  6. Create your Brave Mind Action Plan
  7. Anchor: Make the Positive Changes Stick