We’re Navigating the Emotional World of Children- Together!

I created Growing Up Confident for those who are called to guide or raise the next generation. Our goal is create a world where kids grow up loving themselves.

My hope is that, by giving you access to ideas and resources on how you can guide children to understand and navigate their emotional world and connecting you to whole-hearted conversations with other parents, educators, and counselors, you’ll find ways to think about, talk about, and respond to kids’ emotions that work for you and the kids in your life.

Hi! I’m Kim Lange, the founder of Growing Up Confident as well as a child and adolescent therapist. I’ve been guiding kids through their emotions for over twenty-five years now.

Kids “grow up confident” when we take an active role in guiding them to befriend all emotions, to tend to negative thoughts, and to navigate their inner emotional world. Together, we’re creating a world where kids grow up loving themselves.